30 July-11 August
North Spain, close to the ocean and mountains
Only 3 places left!
International Dance and Yoga Camp in Pamplona, Spain
DASS - DAR Abroad Season School
is a unique project of residential schools, founded in 2010, that has already made 17 lifetime projects in 9 years. We give all the people, who are interested in dance and yoga, an opportunity to study it according to their levels twice a year, each winter and summer. Furthermore, it is a good chance to have an active holiday and discover a country through art.
Who is a DASS-participant?
You have never danced, but you are dreaming of spending an unforgettable vacation with creative people and an outstanding educational program.
Just dance admirer
You are a person with a strong personality, having already danced many years ago, and now you have a wish of dancing return. Also you understand, that this project is a good chance to have a great trip.
You dance and you are interested in a dance education abroad, aiming at knowing other teaching methods and dance styles.
Teacher, choreographer
You are a professional dancer, teacher or a choreographer and want to get a unique experience, to improve and enrich your portfolio, to adapt to international teaching methods and finally to make useful contacts and strike up acquaintances.
4-hour program every day, participation in parties, performances, visiting cool places and a street festival
Start morning with yoga!
On request, not included in the main program
Vinyasa flow with Kate Mowby, teacher from Great Britain

It is a dynamic practice that helps to increase flexibility, strength and mindfulness. Kate's classes start and end gently with meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation. The peak of each class includes a sequence of physical poses that will warm-up and prepare the body for dance.
2 hours of technique classes
Release, Flying low, Floor work, space research, isolation, movement chain, momentum, using gravity to its best and learning combinations.
2 hours of creative workshops
Partnering, Art of Imrovisation, Art of Performance, unique methodic Attack Release, which combines contemporary dance and flamenco and kathak dances.
Free time to travel
Enjoy the city, take a hiking tour to the mountains, go to the ocean, travel to neighbour cities.
Well known teachers from Europe:
Jose Agudo
Attack Release
  • Jose started his career in Andalusia where he began performing as a Flamenco dancer. Slowly the world of contemporary dance became more visible as he worked throughout Europe performing with Charleroi/Danses, Ballet de Marseille, T.R.A.S.H, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance and Akram Khan Company.
  • As a rehearsal director and assistant choreographer Jose has worked on several creations for Akram Khan Company, including DESH, iTMOi, TOROBAKA, Until the Lions, Chotto Desh, London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, and Sylvie Guillem's farewell tour Life in Progress.
  • In 2011, Jose started to study Kathak under Akram's guidance. Finding many parallels between this training and his early studies of Flamenco. As a result he created three works: Paradiso focused on Indian dance; Silk Road with Bharatanatyam artist Mavin Khoo; and Carmen with its strong influences from the Mediterranean and Flamenco.
  • Jose is an international guest teacher with a unique dance vocabulary between east and west.
Marta Coronado
Release technique, Composition
  • Since 1998 she work for Rosas company of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and dances in: Drumming, I said I, In real time, Rain, April me, Bitches Brew, Kassandra, Rain Raga D 'a soir a jour, Mozart concert Arias, Steve Right evening.
  • In 2002, she receives the BESSIE award (New York Dance and Performance Award).
  • In 2008, she began her career as co-director of the repertoire of Rosas at the school P.A.R.T.S.
  • From 2011, she co-directs the pieces of repertoire of Rosas in The Opera of Lyon and the Opera of Paris as a rehearsal director, roll that she is still keep on doing.
  • She teaches at PARTS, Amsterdam Theater School, Deltebre Festival, Impulstanz Vienna, La Raffinerie and at companies: Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus etc.
  • Her choreographic work begins in 2009 and she is invited to create at La Salle Singapore, Fueradeleje and Dantzaz Konpainia.
  • She is currently a guest choreographer at La Monnaie Opera for Opera Orfeo and Manjun and choreographer assistant for the re-take of West Side Story on Broadway New York
Carmen Larraz
Flying low, Improvisation, Partnering
  • On 2000, she was granted a scholarship to study in P.A.R.T.S, for the x-group, Brussels, where she completed her contemporary dance studies
  • She has worked for :Salva Sanchis ,Frey Faust, Deja Donne, contemporary circus company Rital Brocante with Roberto Magro , and Iztok Kovac En- Knap
  • She has danced with David Zambrano in the Rabbit Project, and has been invited by Pep Ramis, Malpelo Dance Company to improvisation research laboratory
  • On 2013 she creates the company Dínamo Dance and creates the first production with the support of Ministry of Culture of Navarra and Theathre Gayarre: "Broken Arrow".
  • On 2016, Carmen creates and takes the artistic direction of Danzad Danzad Malditos, an open air independent dance festival celebrated at the Historical Centre of Pamplona, which is celebrated every year
  • On 2019 together with Marta Coronado and Laida Aldz creates and co-directs La Faktoria, International Choreographic Centre
Laida Aldaz Arrieta
Floorwork, Space and body researches
  • multidisciplinary artist, in many cases self-taught
  • Studies dance at the Navarra's Official School of Dance and at PARTS, grant recipient
  • She has worked with Mark Tompkins & Meg Stuart in "Lab ABC", David Zambrano in "The Rabbit Project", Ali & Hedi Thabet in "Nous sommes pareils…", Julyen Hamilton in "T43", Roberto Olivan in "De Farra" and others
  • She has taught at Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus company, Cie Thor/Thierry Smits, DCJ, Alias Summer Intensive Canada, Conservatorio de Danza de Murcia, Kalamata Dance Festival, RITS and many others
  • Her curiosity leads her to co-create, direct and produce works and projects in different artistic fields such as "Soñando Despiertos", "Shopping List", "DVP", "BS&I", "Derrière Elle", "Kirolak" among others, that are performed internationally and have received several awards
  • She is the artistic director/founder of the association El Trastero Creativo and "Zinetika Festival" and the co-director/co-founder of La Faktoria Choreographic Center.
Free Extras from DASS Team
7 free additional classes from russian teachers and choreographers in Jazz, Partnering, Contemporary dance
arranged by the participant or together with the group at DASS 2019 Pamplona Residence
About the residence
  • Each participant has a single room with bathroom and toilet, bedlinens, air conditioner, wardrobe, table and wifi access
  • 24 hours access to reception, common halls, play rooms, terrace with a city view, washing machines and dryers
  • Staying in the center of Pamplona and in 25 minutes bus ride to La Faktoria Dance Center for the classes, a 70 cents price per one way bus ride when using a bus card. Ocean is 1 hour bus drive 8 euro cost.
Pamplona as travel destination
Senses are heightened in Pamplona (Basque: Iruña), capital of the fiercely independent Kingdom of Navarra and home to one of Spain's most famous and wildest festivals
.Pamplona makes a fascinating place to explore. With its grand cathedral, archaeological treasures and 16th-century fortifications, there's much history hidden in these atmospheric medieval lanes. And with its lush parks and picturesque city centre full of vibrant eating and drinking spots, it's easy to see why so many – Hemingway included – have fallen under Pamplona's spell.
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
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Photo by Marion
Photo by Mike
In partnership with choreographic centre LaFaktoria
  • La Faktoria is an international centre for creation, research and training in contemporary dance and the arts of movement.
  • They believe that the human development of communities is vital for their cultural and artistic development and that is why La Faktoria in Navarre want to provide the opportunity for artists to receive quality artistic training from a professional standpoint. La Faktoria aspires to become a platform that stimulates contemporary creation with dance as its central concept.
How to become a participant
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